Penstock Valves

Fabricated in Australia using a range of materials to suit most applications.

Standard Frame and Gate materials are Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Gate Guides are machined Polyethylene (U.V. stabilised) with benefits of extremely low co-efficient of friction, easy manual operation and lower torque requirements for Actuated units.

Seal Profiles have been developed to provide dynamic sealing using both on and off seat pressures to increase isolation. Combined with the Flush Invert Seal increases reliability and reduces your maintenance requirements.

Modern design has reduced operating torques,reduced weights and increased ease of installation.


Penstock Valves are fabricated from Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Aluminium. Valve Frames are designed to withstand all loads and forces associated with standard use, and are suitable for mounting onto headwalls or embedded into channels.

Gates are suitably reinforced with scalloped ribs and flanges to eliminate the possibility of crevice corrosion and to provide sufficient strength in operation against a full unbalanced head without deflection that could affect operation.

Stems are machine cut single start left hand threads, giving a Clockwise Closing operation (Anti clockwise closing available upon request). Extended shafts, if required, are the same or larger diameter than the Threaded stem, and are supplied with adjustable support brackets as required.

Stems are supplied as Rising (standard) or Non-rising if specified. Rising Stems are supplied with clear, Polycarbonate protection covers.